Shipping Solutions

Expert Packing & Handling

Our team are not only expertly trained in handling and packing fine and rare art, we have a real passion for the objects we handle.

Here Gabriel prepares to pack a valuable vase for export to mainland China. Our team all have credentials and experience in the art, auction and shipping industry and can advise on the best logistical and handling options for your goods.

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Collecting Your Art

We regularly collect from London auction houses, galleries, artists, trade fairs and dealers. And we have strong ties with the UK and European art and antique trades.

We can remove single items to entire collections, from the smallest portrait miniature or a watch- to enormous sculptures and canvases and expressly ship them to your door.

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Pre & post-sale quotes for auction lots

JGM's quoting team have the experience and knowlege to give you an accurate auction lot quote, even before the sale.

Being able to factor shipping costs into a potential purchase allows our customers to bid with confidence.

Post sale quotes, when you are the sucessful bidder can be compiled quickly too, in either case please use our quote page which has special fields for auction clients.


Direct delivery

Our direct delivery service covers the whole of mainland Europe.

For items that require a special service or are too bulky for traditional freight methods, JGM offers an affordable direct service to your door.

Just use our quote page and the team will provide a direct delivery quote if required


Short term storage

Not ready to receive your goods? JGM can offer storage space in secure facilities at a very attractive price.

We offer flexible terms should you wish to combine and ship purchases accrued over an extended period of time, without paying auction house or storage company rates!

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Priority delivery for urgent jobs

If you’re in a rush, or need your item on a specific date; ask about our priority delivery service.

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